Unbrick Your GearVR

Meta broke it again. Reddit fixed it.


6/19/20242 min read

Update July 1st 2024: Blocking the two services listed below isn't enough to stop this one. We currently also have "Oculus app runtime", "Oculus System Activities", "Oculus System Driver" and "Oculus System Utilities" blocked. Oculus App Runtime would appear to be the culprit, but this hasn't been confirmed 100% as yet.

Anybody else feeling a bit of déjà vu ?

Sometime around the 18th of June while Meta has been working on the Quest backend services, someone moved or deleted the install files for the Gear VR. As a result, the Gear VR Setup Wizard thinks an update is required, but reports back that the required install files all weigh in at zero megabytes and won't proceed.

First you need to install a firewall. Just like last time, we recommend using NetGuard. Use your firewall to block the following two services:

  • Gear VR SetupWizard

  • Oculus Core Mobile Services

Once this is done, make sure the firewall is switched off.

Trust the process...

Next step is to download all the necessary APK files. If you haven't already got them, you can grab them from The Vault.

Click through the Setup Wizard until it shows you a screen listing all the files that need "updating". Click on Install/Update and wait until it cycles back to the same screen with "Network error" shown below the button.

Now switch over to your file explorer of choice and install the first APK from the list. Switch back to the Setup Wizard and confirm that entry has turned blue. Back to the File Explorer and install every APK except the last one. Switch back to Setup Wizard and confirm they are all blue (except the last one which you haven't installed yet).

Now turn on your firewall and install the last APK. It should now launch the Oculus Home app automatically.

We have noticed on older phones (such as the S8) you may need to go through the install process multiple times. The goal is for it to show the entry in blue (including the tick), without the (0Mb) after the name. If any entries are still grey or still show the (0Mb) install it again.

Credit to u/Rgtcutedragon for working this one out.